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Question Re: Applied Aiki in the UK

People have asked what the teaching format will be, well it's a little different from normalů

We'll be doing something called "Round-Robin Keiko" that's been popular at Aiki Extensions Conferences in the USA and Germany. Here's how it works:

As host dojo-cho, MacFarland Sensei will lead a warm up. He'll then hand over to one of the other senior teachers present, who will show a technique (say shomen uchi ikkyo). After practicing for few minutes the first teacher claps and asks for a volunteer to teach the second technique. Someone jumps up and demonstrates waza which builds on, or is an interesting contrast to the one before (say, an ikkyo variation, nikyo or irimi nage with an ikkyo entry). People practice for a few minutes then another teacher demonstrates; and so on.

The idea is not so much to learn a particular way of doing waza, or prove that one style of a technique is better than another, but to try out different variations and see the connections between them. It's creative, confusing and really enjoyable.

The applied-aiki presentations will be in the dojo and will consist of short talks, Q & A, practicing applied techniques and probably a short film. Wear a gi or other comfortable clothing. Non-aikidoka welcome, no athleticism necessary -- you can even bring a cushion to sit on!

Ben - I'll add your name to a distribution list for future events, thanks for the interest.

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