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Keith Larman
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Re: Shinken Rust Problem

Yannis Mousoulis wrote: View Post
I'm in the process of cleaning the saya and i have some questions about those rasps you have mentioned:

1. Are they for sale, can they be found in the Bugei or Hunwei products?

2. How long are they, will they rich at the end of the saya?

3. Is extensive use of the rasp capable of damaging the wood of the inside of the saya if it has already swollen?

Keith, your insight so far has been immense and it has helped very much so i'm looking forward to your answer.

Thank you once again for your advice!
Been on vacation visiting my wife's relatives in "old Hawaii" and hiking volcanoes... Taking a morning off for coffee at a place with free wifi, so howdy...

The only place selling one made for saya is Namikawa Heibei in Japan. They have a website. The rasp is expensive, around 150 US if memory serves. And yes, the one made specifically for saya reaches the very end of the saya.

And to answer 3, if it is already swollen it may be a lost cause. It is already severely damaged so rasping it out can't make matters worse. And the rasps remove very little material so it would take a while to do any significant removal.

Aloha... Back to enjoying my green tea as the wife (who is in fact Japanese) has the strong american coffee... Now to work on convincing my family that we could just move to the big island of Hawaii since I can work anywhere... Of course the grandparents on the mainland would probably hunt us down and kill us for moving their grandkid far away. And I'm not sure the somewhat translucent lily white (now deeply red) skin on my Norwegian body would last long here...

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