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Keith Larman
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Re: Shinken Rust Problem

And for you guys having problems with rust spots, you might try breakfree instead. It has stuff in it to neutralize bad stuff so it might be just the ticket for you. Still, thin as possible. And keep in mind that solvents don't always mix well with paints, lacquers, glues, etc. hence why I never use the stuff on antiques. But for an inexpensive training blade I see no reason not to use something like breakfree. It really is very good for what it is intended for. Just hit a gun store on on-line supply (I think Brownell's carries it). Breakfree CLP. Spray can or spray bottle will last your lifetime if you use it right. Tiny little spurt on a cloth. Wipe on, wipe off.

I've blathered enough. Good luck.

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