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Robert A. Wilkins
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Re: Shinken Rust Problem

Yannis Mousoulis wrote: View Post
Hi everybody. I'm posting this in the "general section" because i thought it's the most suitable.
I have a hunwei Raptor katana and i'm experiencing serious rust trouble. I have already tried cleaning the rusty spots using a soft sandpaper and it worked but the rust keeps coming back.
One member of our dojo who has a Samurai Bugei katana had the same problem as well and whatever we did (sandpaper, changed the oil, keeping the katana cleaning schedule tighter) the rust always comes back.
I would be grateful if anybody can offer any advice about that problem. I hope that Keith Larman sees this thread because his insight would be valuable in order for us to overcome the rust problem.
Thanks in advance!
I had/have the same problem with my Raptor. I'm beginning to think it may have something to do with the saya.
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