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Keith Larman
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Re: How to deal with aggressive, non-compliant attackers? And discussion on atemi.

Well, just fwiw I think you should read most of Kevin's stuff here very carefully. I agree completely with what he's talking about. Then again I had a background in Judo and JJ prior to starting aikido. Even spent some time learning a bit of boxing and karate. Frankly I came to Aikido finding that what I learned there was complimentary and "expanded" my toolbox. Or maybe better gave me some insights in to how to use those tools better. Then again my first teacher (in judo) used to wax on philosophically about how one needs to learn to be a well rounded fighter (whatever that means) if you're going to be in a fight. And I was encouraged to go out and "play" with the other kids... But that was a long time ago now that I mention it... Body can't take it any longer.

So when I'm teaching a general class I'll often intersperse all sorts of stuff, just presented from an Aikido perspective. When I"m working on a specific Aikido technique, well, it's pure Aikido (in the sense of waza, etc.). Otherwise... Shrug. I also take as many classes from others as I can simply to keep expanding.

There are tons of "what ifs" possible. So you train and see what works with those "what ifs".

Finally... I'm really not sure of the answer to the question of when one should do these things. Do you create a solid foundation in Aiki first then play with the other stuff? Do you learn some of the other stuff and then train in Aiki to help find refinement? Shrug. My case was a mixed mess of a bit of everything ending up with me focusing on Aikido primarily as a refinement of whatever the heck it is I would do. I find the aikido is now my very core. But what I may end up doing may not look very aikido-esque although inside me I feel it is.

Enough philosophical waxing... Back to the stones...

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