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Re: How to deal with aggressive, non-compliant attackers? And discussion on atemi.

Logan Light wrote: View Post
I like that you brought up the clinch. In doing Muay Thai, some BJJ, and other grappling styles, I've found the clinch to be quite useful but once in it, how do you use Aikido? Personally, I'll throw knees all day but that's not exactly Aikido. Maybe a knee to the groin, then a throw followed afterwards but more than likely, unless you strike FIRST in the clinch, it's going to be a wrestling match. Especially with someone who has no martial training. So what are some specific techniques you could employ in the clinch, in your opinion?

I do believe, though, that Aikido is somewhat of a clinching art. Most just don't realize that when you do close that distance into the clinch, it will become a grappling match. Not a one-sided, kokyunage throw.
I don't view aikido as a technique based practice, but a principle based maybe that is a difference in our perspectives.

AIkido is based on Jiu Jitsu. Jiu Jitsu by nature is a grappling art. The concept of irimi is prevalent in the clinch. You can also see the concept and principles found in Ikkyo in the clinch. If you do the clinch correctly you will get high under the arms of your opponent. Using your body correctly you can use the same principles found in Ikkyo to off balance your opponent and do a takedown or throw.

If you look at the internal principles of aiki, feeling your opponent, reducing proprioceptions, getting under your opponents weight are all there.

As far as the wrestling match goes...with someone of a lesser skill set than I...there is not too much of a wrestling match for me once I gain control of him, I can usually move him around quite freely without much of a struggle, at least on my part. He can spaz and wrestle all he wants to!

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