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Re: Does Anybody Know Whether This Technique Has a Name?


A right hook comes, you weave under and a typical boxer counter punch would have come from a straight. Instead, you parry starting from uke's outside and wrapping around his hand bringing it into your arm pit with your hand placed against his elbow.

You then tenkan on your left feet to bring him to his knees.

From your armpit lock, uke should be able to elbow you and free himself. But with 2 hands then this can transition into either ikkyo or hijiate. Except hijiate is typically done with the opposite hand locking on the elbow.

In any case I've seen this done in systema often from a straight punch but again on the opposite hand.

I do it too but without ducking. Cutting the hooking elbow with your forearm and bringing it across and downwards, you'll bend uke's elbow and typically turn him around with his neck conveniently accessible to your left hand. Not sure if that is relevant but its not something I'll do against a boxers hook though.

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