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Re: Does Anybody Know Whether This Technique Has a Name?

No it doesn't Attilio, you're quite right.

But if this was my invention on the spot and no one has a name for this, I am baffled.

Go try it then. It seems to call itself.

incoming yokomenuchi, you instinctively bow and parry with your same arm. Fear makes you do this.

as you raise up realising your right forearm is in contact with uke's arm, you keep rotating your arm from outward inwardly, as if spinning a rope around uke's arm. His hand is gonna go trapped under your armpit by itself.

Your hand is now already on his elbow, ready to exert any convenient pressure upward, straigtward and downward. With a tenkan you can place uke down using one arm only and nearly no strength (if you use both hands, you will find yourself with your joint hands in front of your chin as if you were praying).

bah it must have a name already, sometime it will come out!
i thought it had one and I only ad to ask to know it. Maybe it's not aikido.

thank you anyway - and happy techniques lol
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