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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

yeah, aiki-bullies...another topic. How many of us have been on the receiving end of some jackass that decides during cooperative practice that he is going to take you out with Nikkyo, ignoring all the other things you could do to him, but don't cause that is not the point of training?

I hate that!

Again, another topic, but certainly is an outgrowth of this topic.

Mark Uttech is correct.

It is kinda like not knowing what hand tools are all about and then you discover a hammer. You want to go around and find all the different things you can hammer and the effect the hammer has on them.

I have found wristlocks are like that. Teach one to someone that has no concept of the complete dynamic and nikkyo or kotegaeshi is the bomb!

I know I thought this way the first time I learned it. Man, I thought, this is the schizzle! It solves all my problems! bamm!

Then I ran into Mr. "I don't know aikido", but I have (insert boxed, grappled, street fight).....

and my wrist lock world came crumbling apart!

There is a whole pyschology that comes with teaching techniques without the principles and fundamentals of movement. It cost me years of my training early on!

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