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Garth Jones
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Re: Dance, Wrist Locks & Sub-Teens

I think Kevin is spot on with his comments on position and dominance. Trying to apply a wrist lock without movement blending is a sure way to get grabbed hard or hit. For example,most beginning aikido students go through a phase during which they try to catch the wrist out of the air as a punch is coming in. In the controlled setting of a dojo this can be corrected gently - out on the street the person is just going to get hit.

Movement, blending, taking balance, all of that precedes a throw or lock, even if only by an instant. I teach kids in the age range you are interested in and I think, as others have said, that a more holistic approach is needed. Joint locks require technical precision and a good deal of practice to get right. If a kid tries one and their attacker doesn't go down, then they are in a wrestling match and a heap of trouble.

Also, Raul is right about developing joints. We don't do most of the aikido wrist locks with our kids either. An over torqued joint can be a severe and long term injury - it might be seen as a much larger use of force than you might think.

Anyway, I would highly recommend developing a stronger background before showing anything to kids. There are a number of excellent aikido dojos in the DC metro area as well as any other martial art you might be interested in.

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