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Re: Using Aikido During Sparring

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Now that said, I'm sure you have rules, you just don't realize you do. I will demonstrate. If we were about to spar would it be ok for me to grab you and gouge your eyes or rip your ear? Can I bite you? Kick to the grion? Grab to the groin? Can I grab your head by the ears and beat it into the ground until you give up? What about downward strikes to the base of your spine? Can I grab and break your fingers?

Beyond all that, how hard am I allowed to go? Am I punching for knockouts or just to show you that you have an opening? When I get my submission, do I break that arm/wrist/ankle/knee/neck or take you to the point of tapping?
Ok i see what you mean Don this has enlightened me a bit i guess me and my friend spar with a kind of unspoken rules, were not try to kill each other but make each other better.I think we punch to show an opening neither i nor him have ever knocked each other out. For the joints and limbs i think the worst we done is kick the leg out from each other not breaking them insurance purposes and all that would cost us for just sparing . We don't spar too often like this any more but we will spar like once a month just for a bit of fun. We always had like the uncle/ i give rule and it stops there so we don't hurt each other badly.

Janet i really appreciate you post i haven't really met some one i can ask about ADV i was hoping to find some one who has been there. Tomorrow mourning I am planning on visiting to find out more about the dojo's location and how much i can train there ect.


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