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Re: Using Aikido During Sparring

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Well its not really a rule set its more first one to say give. (also if any blood)

Its sparring in one since but there is no rule set use what ever until one says give. That is why i would use aikido he uses some karate moves on but we kinda both just taught each other how to fight im not gonna say were good or anything but we more do this for fun and also to pass the time we wrestle punch just anything we do to win kinda.

We use freestyle with bare fist no protection.

This concerns me greatly. Productive sparing should always have rules. This helps focus and develop the participants and make the sparing productive. These rules do not need to be MMA or Boxing or Olympic judo. They do not need to be restrictive or nonrestrictive, but they must exist and define a clear purpose for the session.

For example, the purpose of bjj sparing is to learn to flow better in your grappling, so we remove the things that lesson that goal and decrease training time (strikes). MMA fighters sometimes isolate their sparing into standup, clinch, and ground and pound/grappling. This helps them focus on a important area of their training.

You should really identify and put down rules, even if they are few.

Now that said, I'm sure you have rules, you just don't realize you do. I will demonstrate. If we were about to spar would it be ok for me to grab you and gouge your eyes or rip your ear? Can I bite you? Kick to the grion? Grab to the groin? Can I grab your head by the ears and beat it into the ground until you give up? What about downward strikes to the base of your spine? Can I grab and break your fingers?

Beyond all that, how hard am I allowed to go? Am I punching for knockouts or just to show you that you have an opening? When I get my submission, do I break that arm/wrist/ankle/knee/neck or take you to the point of tapping?

All these things need to be discussed and rules should be in place before productive sparing can happen. You and your partner need to know if you are playing tag, trying to knock each other out, or hitting each other hard enough to keep it honest.

That is not to say you should ban 'dangerous' moves. I have spared with guys where some 'illegal/bad/dangerous' moves were allowed. Usually to reinforce or prove a point.

I personally would not want every sparing match to be a drop down drag out fight. I know for sure I wouldn't even want 1/3 of them to be like that. I want most of my sparing to be isolated to a subset of fighting at a moderate pace. And a small part of my sparing all inclusive again at a moderate pace. Then when I go to compete I kick it up to full speed with the rules I plan to compete under. If I was a non-competitor, I'd probably do the same thing once every 6 months or so, to keep it honest so to speak.

- Don
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