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Timothy WK
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Re: 90% of all fights go to the ground..

Though there is a clear implication of the likelihood of going to the ground in the second survey...

Respondents were asked whether an attacker had ever attempted to force them to the ground. More than half (52%) reported this had occurred. Of that number, 60% reported that their attackers had been successful in taking them down.
...the first study indicates that take-down attempts only constitute a minority of aggressive actions by suspects:

Four combative actions by suspects accounted for almost two thirds (65.8%) of these I.O.D. injuries; the officer was kicked 23.4 percent, punched 16 percent, thrown/tripped 15 percent, or was bitten 11.4 percent... The thrown/tripped statistic includes injuries sustained from wrestling on the ground.
I actually find it interesting that kicks were the greatest cause of injuries.

--Timothy Kleinert
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