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Re: OK to Challenge Other Arts / Defend the Name of Aikido?

Araneta Melchizedek wrote: View Post
speaking of ranks and the authority to teach Aikido

Is it right to engage on a challenge to other Martial Atrs disciplines?

and can you? (generally speaking) defend the name of Aikido when a walk in challenger comes in your Dojo when least time expected?

are you ready to risk your life for the love of the ART?

"Love and devotion" (pls. comment)

(*dully recognize Aikidokas Phil. Aikikai*)
If the intention of the challenger is to test the sensei, I think the sensei must oblige, "walk the talk"

risking our lives for Aikido or for any martial art doesn't make sense.

On the side, would you know how Omar Camar responded to challenges during the dojo storming days? Maybe you can start a thread about it
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