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Re: OK to Challenge Other Arts / Defend the Name of Aikido?

Dan Rubin wrote: View Post

I'm not sure that the following thread is directly responsive to your post, but you might find it interesting.

Feelings on "open mat" policy
exactly were thoughts is. due to our young people that where so amazed by Manny Pacman Boxing fame and UFC and MMA issues,and the old folks place wager and ask fighters to test various Discipline in our City 22,401 households, (Santiago City PI)

from what I have observed about our Dojo is becoming a center of attraction or becoming more like an arena. thou its a respectful challenge there is a wager involved but the good benefits are more practitioners is being drawn to learn Aikido.

my worries about the wagers is that I banned wager inside the Dojo but outside wagers is being placed and people think that they can buy Martial Arts Just like that.., and another couple of new comers asking that they'll pay me for advance lessons like a shortcuts.

(I say): people who looks for shortcuts like that should know their places and integrate into normal society.

Thank you for posting Mister Dan Rubin that really makes a difference.

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