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Re: OK to Challenge Other Arts / Defend the Name of Aikido?

Dieter Haffner wrote: View Post
Aikido stands where it is now thanks to all the challenges Morihei Ueshiba did not step away from or were engaged by himself.

And let us not forget the shihans that introduced aikido to the world. If I am not mistaken, they were challenged a lot as well.

Shall we call them all hypocrites?
You misunderstand me. there is a difference between being challenged and being the challenger. Being attacked and being the attacker. It is one thing to deal with an attack that is initiated towards us. But isn't the ultimate goal to blend with the attacker and seek a peaceful outcome? If your attacker wants the hand give him the hand.....right?

I read the OP as asking whether it would be right to be the one issuing the challenge... becoming the attacker. I stand by what I said. It seems to me that to do that is very un-aikido.

I'm very new to aikido and have much to learn. If you believe I am wrong please show me why.
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