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Re: Mixed up in MMA

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
You tend to get real religious when your opponent has you in the mount with 4lb gloves on. "Oh God!"...comes to mind.
Ah .. It is is a Hungarian church, I think -- The Chapel of Our Lady of Uurhed-handedtuya.

Kevin Leavitt wrote: View Post
pre-destination and free will is always a fascinating discussion. I really grew a distain for Calvinism and have trouble with it....but, the more you think about it, free will has many issues as well.

Free will can imply that we are separate from the whole and freely make our own choices in isolation or without regard for anything else.
If nothing else, training in budo teaches at a deep level and in very immediate terms, that free will is exercised only in the context of many, many things that are already predetermined at the time of engagement or were never ours to determine at all.


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