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Re: Baseline skillset

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The persectives we bring out differ very sharply. I happen to think their perpecitve is wrong mechanically, whatever value it has for practical training, and that is likely considerable. But I have never thought that we were looking at anything fundamentally different in this or any other art.
I think we are only discussing general principles of how to get to "step 1". You are obviously looking at it from a very different perspective - no disagreement there. So, to say that their mechanical perspective is wrong, is firstly incorrect, and secondly implies that you believe yours is the correct perspective, which is also questionable.

FWIW, I was teaching Aikido in largely the same mechanistic terms as Mike and Dan are talking about, well and truly before I even encountered Mike or Dan. Not only that... what I've been teaching has also been validated by my senpai (although in not so many words), and which was immediately apparent to him, in the quality of my students, particularly my 9yr old who has been training with me for over a year now. So that blows THAT perspective out of the water...

I am concerned that they use these things to a different end. It only makes sense therefore that they train for them differently.
To what different end? What possible different end could that be? The true meaning of Budo? To stop the spears?

It therefore makes sense to critically examine their training recommendations
I think that generally goes without saying... in case it bears repeating... thinking is not only recommended but required!

Dan and Mike often slip into an air of that distrust that is not warranted -- and distrust can be infectious. People as varied in style and approach as Saotome, Abe, Shioda, and many others, have not themselves plumbed the depths of what the traditional kihon and kokyu undo have to offer. There is no reason whatsoever to distrust them.
Distrust!? Dan and Mike have been far more open than some of the "high-ranking" lurkers here. And in fact, Gernot has already mentioned that even Abe Sensei has openly admitted that he will not teach *some* things... Distrust? Who?

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