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Re: Tips to increase energy and endurance?

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Paris... Wow. I don't know if there are street markets there and it's a little late in the year but the two weeks in Montpellier I had in September got me hooked on fresh figs, some very stinky cheeses, and a few other fresh-off-the-farm delicacies. Fresh figs were about two Euro a kg in September. The grocery store here has dried figs at 300 grams for nearly $5.00. Ouch.
Yeps, and wait until it's cherries season

That, too, and in France there is a system of university restaurant exclusively for students, that let you have one entrée and 2 side dishes for 3.15 euro. Very well balanced and nutritious.

On the subject of fluid, is it a good idea to replace (partly) water with milk? Milk here is really cheap and tastes awesome (Normandy cows...)
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