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Re: Masakatsu Agatsu

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
I'm open to being proven wrong. Can you post the Japanese and your translation that supports your position? Or point to the Japanese and the translation that supports your position? We've all read and seen Peter Goldsbury, Josh Reyer, Allen Beebe, Doug Walker and Chris Li's (Sorry if I forgot a name) posts and translations. I'm going from them and openly stating that I'm going out on a limb tying those translations to known, old martial sayings.

If you can point to the Japanese and the translations that state your theory, I'm sure we would all like to see it. Especially if it can point to something specific.

I would ask that you please refrain from passive-tyep insults on my intellectual abilities, especially since I believe you've done it previously in your other thread on Ueshiba's aikido.

Thank you,
Ha, ha. I laugh because you take it as passive insult as you have done before and as have others. I do not speak as personal attack but from a viewpoint applying to us all.

When I say mistranslate I also do not refer to words being changed from one language to another but rather to the translation of their meaning ie: how a person then translates it into a meaning they see as true.

However, in this particular case there is one word which is usually dropped and that is the word complementary. In the translations and basics of yin and yang it is pointed out that they represent complementary opposites. This is nowhere near the concept of opposites and needs understanding in itself.

A man and a woman may be given as an example and usually is along with many others but if you start there you will find they are not opposite or contradictory but in truth are complementary.

Only the 'dusty' mind, the mind built from too much karma, the unenlightened mind, the negative mind through fear and mistrust and all kind of beliefs and emotions starts seeing the other as opposite and opposing and contradictory.

Expansion does not oppose contraction, centrifugal does not oppose centripetal and they are not opposite for they are one.

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