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Re: Chen Style Seminar Video

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Now while I doubt you can put all of your weight into the front foot. If you were to arrange yourself so that more weight went into the front foot (without making the rear foot go light or weightless), how would it feel different for the pusher?

Compare the two arrows in the above picture, one from the rear foot, and one from the front foot.

What other advantages might result, if for example you wanted to walk forwards?
Awesome graphic! Seriously, I love me some MS Paint!

One way I've described this is that when you ground force into your back foot exclusively, you actually create a stable bridge between yourself and the pusher. If all you're concerned about is not being pushed, yay, you did it. But if you want to have any hope of turning these static drills into dynamic martial movement, it's a dead end.You have to be able to be able to ground (receive, root, direct...) that push force down through the front leg. Why? Well looking at Hunter's image, grounding through the front leg is under the incoming push, so it's disrupting the pusher's stability. When it comes through the back leg *exclusively* it is in opposition to the pusher's force. HOW to actually do that is probably outside the scope of a forum post. And all the usual disclaimers, this is glossing over a lot, overly simplistic, etc, etc, etc...

Bonus, more MSPAINT!
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