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Re: Different requirements

John Riggs wrote: View Post
If you tell us who your instructor is (Tamas?) and who his instructor is then it would be easy to tell your style. There are several aikikai styles in Hungary-go to the dojo search function.
Thanks, and true. Im the one that actually submitted Tamas in the directory.

His instructor is a 4th Dan - Imre Marton (he also is some top level karate guy in Hungary too...) Problem is this sensei appears to only do seminars, and I have found next to nothing about him on the web.
(Infact we will have a 3 day seminar with Imre Marton next week)

I thought there might be some Hungarians lurking on the board here who speak English and practice aikido - that might know (based on the fact that there are Hungarian dojos listed in the aiki directory beyond what I listed.)

None the less, I do appreciate everyones comments/input - its helping me put the pieces together.


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