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Re: Different requirements

Nafis Zahir wrote: View Post
You may be at a Ki Society dojo and you really need to communicate with your instructor.
With over 15 people its not as easy as just pulling him aside...and again there is the language issue, and yes I have already dragged my wife into it as it is (remember we have 4 kids).

And when we do communicate, remember I came from knowing nothing about it...and trying to get a good grip of it at once isnt easy. But thanks to the kind folks here at aikiweb (thumbs up) and to the training videos I have found, it has helped tremendously.

Kind of a unique endeavor learning in a language that you dont understand, and they dont understand you. (not alone...but unique)

But as for Ki Society...who knows - they dont do anything out of the ordinary associated with what I read - and they are not listed as one on the main ki society page...

But...anyone familar with this: it would help -
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