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Re: Different requirements

Karen Wolek wrote: View Post
I wouldn't really worry too much about tests though since you just started. Just practice.
Yes, my wife does help - at the same time its pretty busy as we have 4 kids. (and translating concepts is interesting...a new person just came and they are having a hard time - in their own language - getting some of the points...again, thats normal as its completely new. For me I never had any involvement with martial arts - with the exception of some boxing. But now I do see a difference and things flow a bit smoother.)

As for the test, it helps me when I see and know what is required.
Just me and my personality or how I learn. But if I hadnt taken the initiative that I had so far, as mentioned, I would have quit.

It helps me to be focused, especially when I only get to practice twice a week. But I do appreciate the encouragement.
by the looks like i need to know the following also...if there are any links or videos showing this it would help. (maybe its on my aikdio dvd)

- Shizentai, Hidari-kamae, Migi-kamae,
- Irimi, Tai sabaki, Ushiro tenkan, Kaiten ashi
- Ukemi: Ushirio ukemi, Mae ukemi


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