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Different requirements

I have watched Aikido 3D and followed the requirements on it which seem to be the basic standard across america and matches the video of the 3rd dan video on this testing forum.

Seeing that I am American living in Hungary - learning in two languages I dont understand (japanese terminology and Hungarian...the former unites us as I have my list of terms handy), I have used the aikido 3D and the 3rd dan test video to help out.

Just today I got a list of requirements from our 2nd kyu (the others dont have a list and seemed interested also) - and its different.

It seems it similar in some ways, but presented a bit differently which actually helped in one aspect but in another kind of is a hinderance to the advantage I thought I had in knowing what was required of me.

Is anyone out there following a system similar to this:
- 6 kyu not 5
- There appears to be an interin phase between 1st kyu and shodan
- 6th kyu looks like this:

Tachi Waza:
Naga Waza: Ai hanmi katate tori: Irimi nage (o+u)
Kote gaeshi (o+u)
Shiho nage (o+u)
Uchikaiten nage (o+u)
Gyaku hanmi katate tori: kokyu-ho
Shiho nage
Shomen Uchi: Irimi nage (o+u)
Katame waza: Ai hanmi katate tori: Ikkyo (ude osae, o+u)
Nikyo (kote mawasi, o+u)
Sankyo (kote hineri, o+u)

So that is 6th.
Now I will know some will say: "I told you that it would mess you up studying something other than what you are there...just watch"

I will say again, that watching is fine, but at the beginning when you know no japanese and are clueless what a waza is...and its taught in a language that you dont understand - that aikido 3D and the video of the 3rd dan here at aiki web located in the testing forum, did wonders...if it wasnt for that I would still be scratching my head of what an ikkyo is. In fact I have shomenuchi ikkyo pretty much 'pinned' (pun intended)

My question is: If anyone has a similar testing schedule: If they are shodan and above and can tape their test that would be totally cool.

Part of what helped me out with the 3rd dan on the board is I could hear what was being called out and follow it on the 'old list' of requirements. But seeing that list is not consistent with where I am at, I need something else.

Thanks in advance


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