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Re: Aikido does not work at all in a fight.

Alberto Italiano wrote: View Post
The "accusation" in the title of this by now immensely popular thread is, in fact, true and accurate -
Alberto, no offense but you keep coming back passing "final judgement" on the subject, and yet your posts suggest that you have no idea what aiki is, and have yet to encounter it. So you're in no position to say that "aikido (the way of aiki) doesn't work in... whatever". That would be like me going to a physics forum and start proclaiming that Superstring Theory doesn't work. The first thing that somebody might ask is, have I gone through the equations -- the basic math -- to be able to reach such a conclusion? Nope, I can't do the math, therefore I can't say whether the theory works or not. Superstring Theory might be popular nowadays, but the fact is that very few people in the world can work the equations and therefore have any sort of valuable insight on whether it's valid or not.

Aikido is Ueshiba's art and he used aiki -- a martial ability -- to prove himself and that aiki and therefore aikido worked in a martial context. After him others have done the same. The status quo doesn't matter. The fact there was one, or a few or more who knew aiki and could show its martial viability is enough to consider the matter (different from reaching a final conclusion) of aiki as a valid martial avenue.

I'm not saying that some of your suggested curricular changes are to be entirely dismissed, only that there are certain things you need to know and train first, before you go down the path you suggest, otherwise you're going to steer aikidoka farther down the wrong path (they'll never learn aiki, the basic skill that fuels aikido).

otherwise why this topic should gain such popularity only in Aikido forums?
Because there are people who have no idea what aiki is and yet insist on passing judgement on what aikido (the way of aiki) can or cannot do? Maintaining this impassable position will guarantee a thread's longevity.
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