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Tongue Re: My gi makes me look fat.

Victoria Pitt wrote: View Post
But I admit I did run around the house this morning with it tied like junk and my bokken out, terrorizing my fish with a bunch of cuts towards the fish tank. Go ahead, laugh....

And I need a new carrybag Aikido gi plus Iaido gi, plus weapons, plus Kindle, iphone, apples, water, wallet and granola bar = pack mule.
LOL Poor fishies. My horse was a little alarned at my barn-porch jo practice, at first. I think I put a little too much intent into my (not very loud, really) kiai. He's figured out now that it doesn't have anything to do with him.

For the bag, when you order your women's dogi from Bu-Jin, get the Dogi Backpack, and a Weapons Bag. I have both (plus their dogi). Great products.

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