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Re: Steven Seagal seems like a jerk teacher. A bit at least...

David Orange wrote: View Post
Because their acting doesn't employ as deep a subconscious-to-subconscious communication capacity.... It's not that he makes atrocious movies, but that he so misuses the power.... This isn't so much about his acting but about what he chooses to portray and how he misuses aikido to do it.
Hhmm... again, I ask you; what about all the movies where they are doing drugs or using guns to murder people? Do they not influence others? They must also "misuse the power" by your definition. Murders in movies also portray just that.... murderers. Doesn't mean that once they are off the set they are scheming away on how to kill everyone.

David Orange wrote: View Post
So you would think just as well of O Sensei if you saw him smashing people's faces into mirrors or bathroom sinks? Not many ukes can take that.
As far as I know, classes are not held in a bathroom and there aren't sinks in the middle of a dojo.... Things in movies are meant to be as realistic as possible. When people get shot in a movie, are they truly shot? I don't think so. Otherwise, actors wouldn't be so quick to hop on board for an action movie.

The point is, if you despise him and his movies so much, then why do you watch them? If you haven't seen them, then you wouldn't be speaking of examples such as: this movie has this, this movie has that.

I'm not saying that what you say doesn't have any validity, as it does. Children should not watch certain things and that is the parent's responsibility. You however, are taking this to another level completley.

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