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Re: causing no (serious) harm

Joep Schuurkes wrote:
Does a physical aikido technique count as violence?
Nope - as long as it's executed in the way of Aikido

Joep Schuurkes wrote:
Is aikido in this respect so much different from other martial arts, sprts, hobbies, ...?
Again no. There are many ways to learn how to be centered, calm under stress etc.

Joep Schuurkes wrote:
Or do we just emphasize it more in aikido??
Some do, some don't - it depends upon your sensei, and to some extent your own personal choice.

Joep Schuurkes wrote:
This question is especially important to me since there are too many stories about high ranking aikidokas misbehaving. Or should I cynically conclude that the positive effects of aikido balance the negative effects of gaining power in an organization??
People are people, and sometimes they misbehave. Agreeed that they "should know better", but regrettably some of them don't. A degree of cynicism is healthy

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