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Re: causing no (serious) harm

Since it's looking a bit difficult to cite some Osensei quotes, how about references to a teacher? Is the economic view of minimal damage something your teacher teaches - did their teacher teach it (i.e. has your teacher said that his/her teacher taught this)? I have never heard this position taught by my teachers in Aikido. This I say not to discredit anyone but only to answer my own question: "No, my teachers didn't." Did yours? Did theirs? Trying to track this view down - that's all. How about folks from other arts, did you hear of such a view in other arts, etc.? It isn't in the other arts of my study.

I know it's part of the modern view of warfare, but in that arena its economics are its own justification - not its morality.

Rather than just saying whether we agree with it or not, or whether we think this about it or that about it - etc. - can anyone start lending some real traces to the source of this position? I'm interested in the history of this position in relation to the history of Aikido.

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David M. Valadez
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