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Re: causing no (serious) harm

Jake Karlins wrote:
The interesting thing there, I think, is that you might be presented with the choice of either getting out of the way (using footwork to evade), or try for some serious technique, probably with atemi. It might be more in line with the idea of not hurting the attacker to just walk away.
In my opinion running away is surrender. It's a good solution in real life, but I would not consider it as an example of mastery of aikido.
If you meant walking away as one way of not pushing back when being pushed, that would be aikido. For me that's one of the most beautiful aspects of aikido: throughout the attack the attacker has the idea he will be able to sucesfully land the attack, but at the moment it shoud land, the aikidoka is no longer there and he/she redirects the energy of the attack. (And the question of this thread: redirects to what/where?)

If aikido is the way of harmony you will need to do something to restore the harmony. Evading untill the attacker is tired is one way of doing it, although a bit risky.
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