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causing no (serious) harm

Does anyone have a source for the widely accepted idea that ideally the use of aikido should leave the attacker unharmed? ( I know it says so in 'Aikido & the Dynamic Sphere', but where did they get it from?)
Or is aikido about not causing any serious harm? And how would O-Sensei define that, no 'serious' harm? And would he assume that an attacker knows how to take ukemi?

An what would be the relation with the idea of harmony in aikido? And what did O-Sensei mean when he used the word 'harmony'? A new-age hippie kind of harmony, a taoistic yin-yang type of harmony or something else?

And what's the relation with the non-agressive nature of aikido? Is it the same as the no-(serious-)harm idea or does it rather mean you do not need agression to break a person's wrist with aikido? Did O-Sensei ever actually say that aikido is non-agressive or is that what people have inferred from his remarks about harmony, love and so forth?

Any thoughts or insights on all or some of these questions would be greatly appreciatied.
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