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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Alberto Italiano wrote: View Post
The attacks we see in those videos are not like a real attack. Please keep in mind that I am not arguing or being polemical - I am trying, with great difficulty, to convey the fact that real competent punches are terribly fast. This in the interest of our Aikido efficacy.
Yes, a good boxer will be much faster than what most demos illustrate. A friend of mine isn't a particularly "good" boxer and I had a hard time entering quick enough on his 1-2, and 1-2-3 combos the last time we played around. Even his single jabs were hard for me, though it didn't help that he had a huge reach advantage over me...or that I'm simply not very well-practiced. Now, I was able to not get hit hard and get close enough to do some stuff, but I often got hit. A really good striker would have probably laid me out unless I got very very lucky.

His tanto goes about 30 centimeters away from my right side.
Now that's a pretty big mistake. I've been fortunate that the couple places I've trained at were very quick to correct this kind of mistake. I've been hit a number of times because I didn't get off the line of attack quick enough. I also really liked the Shodokan method of tanto randori I experienced because you're allowed to use feints and the like. Even with just a couple attack options, when done right, it's very hard not to get what would be various sized slices here and there.

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