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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

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The guy in the video
if he attenpts that irimi to a competent boxer, let me say what happens: uke will go one step backward instantly, and tori will go to meet the ultrafast following right of his uke, and in meeting it, he will sum the force of uke's right direct blow with the force of his incoming irimi, and tori will see the mat. In Italian, that's "un colpo di incontro" (incontro=meet).
A competent uke won't "hug" him with his right arm: would hit him with a totally straight trajectory.
Our ukes don't act competently, and not even naturally. They all behave like ukes with one arm, and they produce slanted trajectories with ineffectual hands hovering there in order to accommodate us.
This is, unfortunately, endemic in Aikido.

Another rinstance: tanto practive, uke must stab my tummy.
I don't produce the technique, because I want to make sure of a thing first.
So as uke throws his tanto imagining I will do something, i do nothing and stay there.
Guess what?

His tanto goes about 30 centimeters away from my right side.
I stay there and look at him: "I am here, my friend. There is nobody there..."

They help us.
To get killed, because acting like that they generate in us the false confidence that a real attack might go for the air at our sides instead than for our body.
that's what that guy does in the video: his right arm never goes straight to meet tori.
Don't ever attempt that with someobdy who is competent, or with somebody about whom you're not sure (say in the street): you will get a terrible straight punch in your face and it's gonna be devastating without boxing gloves on.
Attempt something else. But don't irimi a stranger like that: if he is competent, you will discover then that uke can throw direct blows and iven if you glo sligthly lateral, a real uker can still produce a direct blow following the diagonal to your face, and rotate slightly his hips to meet you better. He will hit tori squarely, and in a real situation such a punch is gonna be final, believe me. I got them on my face long ago!

He will not let his right arm flounder nearly flaccid in the air like that.

That's how dangerous it can be.

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