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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

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well, to answer your question - as for the first video, actually excuse me if I take the liberty of insisting that's not aikido - unless I am wrong, the Sensei there is not showing to his pupils what they must do, but illustrating what an attacker might do.

In this respect, we are not encouraged, and I don't think that Sensei was encouraging, to react to an aggression producing, for instance, that bear hug - rather, you are shown a few possible attacks, to which you have to react with some techinique that is Aikido.

Uke could also attack you with a set of jab/right, yet certainly we would not deduce that hitting somebody with jab and right is the aikido technique expected by tori. The same, in my subjective perception, applies to bear hugs.
Hi again,

I think you are trapped in the tori/uke (attacker/defender) dichotomy, which is, imo, a false one. Don't worry, it happened to all of us... try go beyond that. The bear hug is as aikido as the technique used to defend it, and the technique which is used to counter said defense is aikido too, and so on and on and on.

I mean, if you allow me to be cheeky, if we go that path, then also extracting a knife and pushing it deep in my opponent belly could be: I used aikido to defend myself, I used a tanto!
It is still aikido

I have to train in the way I do because a dojo where they say to uke: now attack this guy, without any complacency, and throw punches all the way and pursue him till you corner him, everything goes, refuse any complacency when he attempts a technique, and use both arms, and if he gets a smack on his face well that's a Martial Arts dojo - never seen such a dojo,
May be it doesn't exist, but you can always train in what style of aikido is available and check your progress attending to boxing or mma gyms.

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