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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Alberto Italiano wrote: View Post
any iriminage that would end up with choking my adversary, would end up also with the Sensei showing me( and rightly so) the door
We practice tai jutsu irimi nage ending with a choke from time to time.
For tanto dori, jo dori, tachi dori this is our kihon waza.

2) on a more serious level, what i mean is this: chokes and bear hugs are not techniques not uniquely because they are not taught but, in my personal perception (which as such can be wrong), inasmuch as they are just natural brute force reactions, painted with a dash of despair, that anybody might attempt also without any Martial training.
There are very few techniques in aikido which don't have parallels in other arts. (Is there just one?)

Doing irimi nage with a choke in the end has to be learned like doing it with a throw in the and. And it doesn't need brute force but good technique I think.

If something is done using aiki, why shouldn't it be aikido?
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