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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

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Second: What is an aikido technique and what is not. It seems to me you are saying some techniques (like chokes or bear hugs) are not aikido techniques.

Maybe you're been exposed to an aikido that lacks martial value, or with small technical curriculum. Maybe your exposure to aikido has been too short and your knowledge of the curriculum is still limited.
All the three possibilities apply at once!

As for chokes or bear hugs - I said they are not aikido because of these two elements:
1) any iriminage that would end up with choking my adversary, would end up also with the Sensei showing me( and rightly so) the door lol - nothing against using it in a real situation, of course.

2) on a more serious level, what i mean is this: chokes and bear hugs are not techniques not uniquely because they are not taught but, in my personal perception (which as such can be wrong), inasmuch as they are just natural brute force reactions, painted with a dash of despair, that anybody might attempt also without any Martial training.

My idea is that of banning any resort to brute force while in a situation where my opponent can use it freely.

That's precisely what attracted me, the Aikido challenge I sensed.
We don't find many places where the default training routine is designed to meet the great and complex difficulties that such a situation entails.
In this respect, active resistance becomes only one of the many riddles to solve, and probably not even the most threathening.

Thank you to you all for your perspectives I am trying to work them out - I hope also my considerations, despite my likely shortcomings in making my point understood, or the proposed youtube videos make clear why I find it so difficult and make some sense, at least occasionally
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