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Demetrio Cereijo
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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Hi Alberto,

I know what you mean, when a was younger (in the 80's - early 90's) I trained and competed in TKD and in Kickboxing (not in official sanctionated comps) until well into the present century. Not that I was very good at it but I have some err.... experience in receiving and giving hard strikes.

Anyway, I have two problems with your approach:

One: It seems to me you try to use aikido waza against boxers at his game; unarmed standup striking. That's not going to work. Boxers weakness is in the clinch/throw/ground game. There is where you need to take the encounter.

Second: What is an aikido technique and what is not. It seems to me you are saying some techniques (like chokes or bear hugs) are not aikido techniques. Aikido techniques are not limited to the ones contained in beginners curriculum. Imagine for a moment someone who tells you the uppercut or the russian hook are not boxing techniques because he is a beginner who is still at the jab-cross phase and these techniques have not been taught to him... what you would say?

Maybe you're been exposed to an aikido that lacks martial value, or with small technical curriculum. Maybe your exposure to aikido has been too short and your knowledge of the curriculum is still limited. Maybe aikido is not what you imagine, or you've been told, to be.



Graham Christian wrote:
it's a matter of studying the opponent or scene and finding which principles ARE applicable to such rather than how to make the ones you know applicable.
I totally agree.
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