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Re: tieing in the two threads : men and women and developing internal power

Robert John wrote:
That's where I'd disagree, I'd say the first is more an example of a western interpretation of these things, whereas for the most part the skills were more concretely defined having to do with the latter.
You'll have to take this part of the discussion up with Rob (hubby), if he hasn't already thrown out that 11 ft. pole. Or maybe you'll hit on this in a different thread? I know nothing about the latter things as they apply to martial training, and agreed to add that into my post to address his opinions about where the discussion was heading and what I was saying about it. I tried to point out who was saying what, and what part of it was not coming from me, but I don't think I did it very clearly. Apologies.

However, the one thing that strikes me about your comment, is that I don't believe a western view of power is any less valid that an eastern one. Martially - sure, no doubt. But just in general terms of forces acting in the universe . . . those former things are just as much power as anything, IMNSHO. I think that's why he wanted to bring up such diverse examples as eastern and western - to point out that the topic is just that huge in scope. Thus the relation to an "umbrella".

I don't know if that's what you're saying or not. But if it is, then yes, we disagree.

About the genitalia training, I should probably let Rob post this himself, as he thinks it's ssooooo funny . . . But when I was pregnant, he used to scare uptight family members when they asked about childbirthing classes and such, by telling them that we weren't bothering with that silliness - he was just kicking me as hard as he could in the crotch 3x a day to get me toughened up enough. I thought some of his aunts were going to faint!


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