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Re: tieing in the two threads : men and women and developing internal power

I know this'll put me in the man-pig hall of fame, but here it goes anyway:

Once you've conceived, and made the decision to go through with the pregnancy, childbirth is inevitable. Whether you're focused and centered, or scared witless and screaming for anesthesia. So I'm sorry, I don't think going through it confers any special wisdom or ability on the bearer. Although women who're inclined that way may find deep inspiration, and great women often do (Janet).

Now, before you get all pissy... I'm not marginalizing any mother's contribution, but IMO, it takes a lot more strength and character to raise a child than it does to have one. Therefore ALL concerned, involved moms and dads deserve credit and derive a benefit from it, regardless of the gender of the individual parent.

BTW, don't believe the way dads are portrayed on the average Windex or cereal commercial. Some of us actually have IQs with three digits!
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