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Re: Creation Myths

Nice column Ross. Personally I don't see things as two camps but do understand how this comes to be. Rather it is to me an indication only of where a person is at on a path to mastery.

All new things learned, be it writing or whatever is a process. If you remember learning to read and write you will recall how it all starts 'by the numbers'. The individual sounds of the letters, the joining sounds of the letters, the forming of words etc. Step by step by numbers.

So as you see a person doing such is developing a skill. They are gaining an ability. They are reaching competence.

The practice of the application of that competence leads to new learning for you are now studying and correcting by observing the results and wanting to improve them. This of course leads to constant review and correction and as a process something gradually changes. It gets more smooth. It gets more flowing. The number of skills in that one thing become more as one organic ability and thus with that comes an aesthetic quality. You have now moved past the condition of competence and entered another condition. One of an artisan, an artist.

Now when you become an artist you will then have more 'zanshin' you might say. More free time, space and energy and then become very creative at the same time. Now also you can express yourself more and put your own signature on it. From numbers to originality.....a path.

Now I'm sure there are others qualities involved and which evolve too on this journey but just felt like adding my own personal reflections on the subject. My own signature ha, ha.

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