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Re: True Warfare

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I'm guessing this isn't a prescription for war so much as a metaphor for how we might project our ki/intent into our would-be attackers, maximizing utility?
Yes it is Matthew, and it is meant to stimulate thought. How do we touch our opponent? How do we enter inside? What is interior martial arts as opposed to exterior? This is my own exploration in daily practice. What I describe is what I try to convey to my students in the dojo. A very good start to this sensitivity training can be experienced through seated ryote-dori kokyu-ho. As uke grabs you can you enter inside his grip without violating his grip, without wrenching but rather accommodating his firm grasp? How can this only be achieved non-violently? Why then is peace and stillness a prerequisite for ability? Why is a firm foundation in kihon, basics so important for this to be available to you? How do we progress.

Is anyone curious to find out if they do not initially understand the metaphor? It is a true statement, not mere fantasy. When you discover in training this connection you will never have it in another way. Like water, you flow into the opponent the moment you engage. Are you willing to explore the possibility?

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