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Re: What does the "Hard-style" Aikido means?

Ueshiba Aiki, and the Founder's Aikido, have no "style".

People do.

The term "jiyu", represents freedom. Martial arts training has as a key tenet, the freedom for each student to choose a path consistent with one's core values, personal goals, and satisfaction from pursuing one's Way.

The principles of Aiki, especially of Ueshiba Aiki, represent the infinite realm of possibility for mankind to 1) judiciously use, 2) indiscriminately misuse, or to 3) maliciously abuse.

As such, without presuming judgment, let us all allow each seeker of his or her own Aikido to choose the "style" of preference, but to also resolve to include respect and honor for core Aiki Principles and the manner in which people practice them.
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