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Re: What does the "Hard-style" Aikido means?

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Greetings, mates, as a new aikidoka, I'm still baffled about the styles in Aikido.

I've known there're alot of styles/ryu in Aikido, but I'm still wondering about the Aikido styles which were developed before Osensei died in 1969 (such as Shodokan, Yoshinkan, Yoseikan, & Manseikan Aikido).

BTW, what does the "hard-style" Aikido means? & what are their differences between their prinicples & their techniques compared to the "conservative-modernist sect" like Ki Aikido (as the principles is to preserve the Osensei's way of teaching by preserving the Aiki materials in the curriculum while adapting to modern demands) & the mainstream (the Aikikai itself)? Thanks for your infos!
Aikido is a broad church and depending on what you want or need from Aikido can determine how you practice the Art.Some people do it for meditative /health reasons , some like aikido with soft[er] flowing waza, others try and maintain a Martial attitude to their training.I would say that maintaining a Martial attitude to the Art might be deemed 'Hard Style 'by some.In my opinion its all relative .Whats hard to you might be soft to someone else.Main thing is to make sure you are learning correct principles and just enjoy the practice.Too many people get caught up in this type of discussion.
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