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Question What does the "Hard-style" Aikido means?

Greetings, mates, as a new aikidoka, I'm still baffled about the styles in Aikido.

I've known there're alot of styles/ryu in Aikido, but I'm still wondering about the Aikido styles which were developed before Osensei died in 1969 (such as Shodokan, Yoshinkan, Yoseikan, & Manseikan Aikido).

BTW, what does the "hard-style" Aikido means? & what are their differences between their prinicples & their techniques compared to the "conservative-modernist sect" like Ki Aikido (as the principles is to preserve the Osensei's way of teaching by preserving the Aiki materials in the curriculum while adapting to modern demands) & the mainstream (the Aikikai itself)? Thanks for your infos!
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