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Ok ok, I guess an explanation is necessary regarding my last post. First of all, I train hard and feel great after Aikido sessions too. I am in good physical shape, drink lots of water, eat well yet still found inflammation in my my joints after hard workouts (specifically in my hips). To make a long story short it was affecting my quality of sleep dramatically. Regarding glucosamine, it helps the body produce "collagen" which is the protein portion of a fibrous substance which hold joints together. Collagen is also the main constituent of a shock-absorbing cushion called articular cartilage. We intake this substance in small amounts every day so what I take is a supplement. Chondroitin is a natural anti-inflammatory and is bound to collagen (once again, it is a substance naturally produced by the body). Both of these supplements help reduce the stress on my joints, impede inflammation and allow me a solid night sleep. It is non-prescription and a nice alternative to ibuprofen. I don't view them as "voodoo" supplements since their benefit is well documented in medical science. I am relatively young at 32, I figure why suffer pain all night when you don't have to? I realize that not everyone has experienced joint pain like myself, I was just giving advice to the gentleman who began this thread.

See ya
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