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Re: Pre War Aikido, 1930 through Iwama period

Mark Murray wrote: View Post
Hmmm ... well, would Iwama style be just as much in line as the Takumakai? I don't know much about Saito or what he learned, but there's the often cited passage about Saito and the Budo manual. How close are Iwama style aikido and the Takumakai syllabus?

Mark, Wait a minute. You seem to be jumping right to 1942.

There is a context here. When Saito Sensei saw the 1938 Budo manual, he recorded his conviction to Stan Pranin that this was what O Sensei was doing when he trained with him. However, the Budo manual is quite different from Budo Renshu, written in 1933. Any serious comparison with the Takumakai should be based on the Budo Renshu manual, not on Budo, which was a manual written for a specific purpose. The same purpose is not so evident in Budo Renshu.

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