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Re: Pre War Aikido, 1930 through Iwama period

Problem is, what H. Popkin is doing is not prewar Ueshiba aikido. Roppokai is an off-shoot of Kodokai and the Kodokai people are pretty adamant that what they do is quite different from what Ueshiba did.
And as for Kisshomaru, Tomiki and Shioda, all of them put their own stamp on what they learned prewar. Otherwise, they'd look pretty much the same and they don't.
Actually, it's pretty simply. Prewar "aikido" is almost surely most accurately preserved in the Takumakai. The vast bulk of their material is preserved religiously from Ueshiba, with appr. 30%, as I recall, from Takeda Sokaku. And I also recall Hisa grumbling that after awhile, Takeda was repeating himself.
Now, what I'm writing here has nothing, in my mind, at least, with "the real aiki" (TM) wars, or which Daito-ryu faction is better - yawn.

Simply, what organization learned from Osensei prewar - is in the ONLY film of Osensei prewar, and has made a point of trying, through the Soden (everything photographed) to retain things as completely as possible? Takumakai

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