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Re: Knife Work

David Valadez wrote:
Aikido is not the techniques of Kihon Waza. Aikido is the reconciliation of all dualities and of all paradoxes. As such, Aikido includes all strategies and all tactics. As it seeks to reconcile the totality of all tactics and all strategies, it tends to favor spiraling movements, paths of least resistance, concentric timings, zones of sanctuary, fluidity, dynamism, synergy, etc. -- these things are knife fighting at its best.

If today knife fighting is finding more fertile training ground in other arts, it is not because Aikido cannot support it, but rather because institutionally Aikido has come to support other things over other things (unfortunately).
Theory vs. practice?

You covered this point nicely in one of the essays on your site. It seemed to me as I read it an aikido version of Emerson's American Scholar (the points about revering the act of creativity, but confusing it with the creator and enshrining gestures now dead.)

Thanks for the response.

Don J. Modesto
St. Petersburg, Florida
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