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Re: Knife Work

Have to agree with Jun, that perhaps we need not turn this into a how-to clinic. Save that for the knife forums and the seminars.

As I have offered in the other knife thread, please remember that training is not sparring, sparring is not fighting, and fighting is not combat. Each has its own rules of engagement based on its level of intent and intensity.

I was taught that the two outcomes of a knife fight (best thought of as ambush and assassinations) is that one goes to the hospital and one goes to the morgue. Therefore the goal is not to go to the morgue. If you train knowing statistically you will probably be cut, and you are, you are somewhat prepared. If you expect to get cut and you don't, better. But if you train thinking you won't get cur and you do, the intrusive shock is tremendous. Its like a boxer not expecting to get hit. Not very reality based.

But lets also learn to avoid those situations in the first place, and escape and evasion in the second.

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